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Lung Cancer Risk Model LLP Version3

This is an easy to use lung cancer risk prediction questionnaire which can calculate your risk of developing lung cancer over the next five years. The risk model has been developed for use by individuals aged 50 to 79 years and is based on age, gender, smoking duration, family history of lung cancer, previous history of pneumonia, previous diagnosis of cancer and exposure to asbestos. The questionnaire can be completed by non-smokers, former smokers and current smokers. The study was developed with Caucasian data only.
The risk model is based on the Liverpool Lung Project (LLP) risk model, which has been tested and shown to be of value in two international studies and a large UK study and updated to LLPv2 - http://www.liverpoollungproject.co.uk/risk-model

This updated, more accurate version 3 of the LLP risk model is the NOT the same as used int the UKLS lung cancer screening trial and the UK NHS Targeted Lung Health Checks (which can be found at http://www.mylungrisk.org ) Targeted Lung Health Checks will use LLP Version 2 (which will give a higher lung risk) and version 3 on this web-page should be treated as for research purposes only.

Age (In Years):
What sex were you born?
Have you ever been diagnosed with Pneumonia, Emphysema, Bronchitis, TB or COPD?
Have you ever been diagnosed a malignancy or cancer?
Can you recall any job or activity where you were exposed to asbestos?
Have any of your 1st degree relatives, including parents, had a diagnosis of lung cancer?
If yes, were they less than 60 years old at diagnosis?
How many years have you smoked for (including cigs, pipe and cigar)?
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