The LLP Biobank is a research-led bio-resource, tissue and data repository for use in lung cancer research.

Samples have been collected from the LLP prospective population cohort, patients in primary care with a high risk of lung cancer, patients undergoing diagnosis for a suspicion of lung cancer and patients having their cancer surgically removed.

Subjects provide epidemiological data on lifestyle and medical history and give permission for data to be obtained from medical notes and from agencies such as NHS Digital (e.g. Office for National Statistics, Health Episodes Statistics and cancer registries).

All samples and data are taken with informed consent as part of an ethically approved protocol.

Samples and data are made available to the wider scientific community, usually through research collaboration on peer-reviewed projects.

The LLP Biobank is an enabling resource for Personalized Health:

  • Risk modelling(e.g. LLP Lung Cancer Risk Score used in UKLS CT screening trial)
  • Biomarkers – early detection, improved diagnosis, prognosis, treatment stratification & disease monitoring.