We have an extensive collection of material, collected over 20 years, from multiple subjects. The collection includes followup samples from cases and non cases.

Current samples – unique and available:


Blood Plasma 16592
Blood Remnants Below Gel In EDTA-Sep Tube 3774
Bronchial Washings 2686
Buccals In RNAlater 3739
Buccals In Saccomanno 7743
Fresh Frozen Bronchial Lavage 51
Fresh Frozen Plasma 88
FTA Card 10031
Nasal Brushings In RNA 27
Nasal Brushings In Saccomanno 36
Normal Tissue Frozen 621
Normal Tissue Preserved 1747
Oragene Saliva 220
Plasma From EDTA-Sep Blood Tube 2619
Sputum DTT Treated Cells 3034
Sputum DTT Treated Supernatent  
Sputum Preserved 8421
Stained Slide 2077
Tumour Tissue Frozen 655
Tumour Tissue Preserved 1860
White Blood Cell Pellet 15961
Whole Blood 16504
Whole Blood In Gel 2
Grand Total 98488